15 Activities for Your 

7-9 Year Old Child

Does your child need an educational challenge?
Do they need to "catch up"?

*For one of these lessons, your child will need 
"The Possum's Tale" it will be a 15% off option in your cart!

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• Learn New Skills
• Review Old Skills
• Challenge Child
• Interest Child 
• Teach "Soft Skills"
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A video description of all 5 Third Grade Lesson Plans.


"The Possum's Tale"

digital, interactive book 

will be an option in your cart.

15% OFF!

Which skills are taught in the
third Grade
lesson plans?


Prefixes, suffixes, and regular plural nouns.
3 activities.


Need "The Possum's Tale"
4 activities.

Comprehension, order of events, antonyms, and word scramble.


Need "The Possum's Tale."

2 activities.
Character traits.
Works into a paragraph.


Me Collage.
Character Collage.
2 activities.
Need book if doing character collage.


I am so thrilled about this SEL group of lessons!
What are boundaries, how to establish personal space, and how to identify and trust "your gut."

15 Fabulous Educational 

Lessons for Your
7-9 Year Old Child

Fun, interactive, educational, and helps your child learn to grow-
A total win!

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*Be sure to get:
"The Possum's Tale" it is needed for the Comprehension lesson.

Designed by an educator.

Each lesson has objectives and a lesson plan for parents.

Lessons come with answer sheets (where applicable).

Children will grow in 3 areas of language arts, creativity, and  SEL.

5 lessons, 15 separate activities.

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