"Expect More From a Book"

Your child will love reading!

Your child will enjoy "The Possum's Tale."

You will not have to "fight" over reading time.

Reading should be a fun experience!

I created two different editions of "The Possum's Tale."

One is a limited edition keepsake. The other is an interactive digital book.

This is the digital book.

It also comes with a FREE navigational plan!
It walks your child through the objects and the hidden message for the book.

It will also show you how I structure my lesson plans, so you can look into purchasing more of these down the road.

"Aut dicta commodi nostrum quidem delectus molestiae ad et ex odit."

CEO / Founder

Your child will love reading!
"The Possum's Tale" Digital Book

Fun, interactive, educational, and helps your child grow-
A total win!

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Special offer: Grab The Possum's Tale Bundle today for only $34.49! ($68.99)
  • Designed by an educator
  • Each lesson has objectives and a lesson plan for parents.
  • Lessons come with answer sheets (where applicable)
  • Children will grow in 3 areas of language arts, creativity, and SEL
  • 6 units, 5 lessons each, 108 separate activities!
Special Offer
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Digital, interactive book: "The Possum's Tale"Expect more from a book!$12.99
Your child will enjoy learning.

Great moral lesson

Fun rhymes

Beautiful illustrations

Interactive object hunt

Early word recognition skills

Highlight text and narration

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